Many thanks Pietman, an impeccable day, your knowledge and storytelling is amazing. We are already looking forward to visiting South Africa again!

We are finally home after some 20 hours of travel. We have brought with us so many beautiful images of South Africa and its people. But clearly our time in Stellenbosch was the most precious. Yes, we had expected to find good wine and beautiful wineries, and we certainly did find them. But thanks to you, Pietman, we found so much more. The prevalence of the historic origins of the city with its diverse communities, a rich academic life provided by the University, the fantastic art collections and the local engagement in the social and political struggles of the country.

I do hope so that our paths will cross again.

Dear Pietman,
Thank you for your company yesterday which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did we see parts of the Cape we had never seen before, we also enjoyed some stimulating conversation on a wide variety of subjects...

Just to let you know that we all really enjoyed our day out with Pietman. He certainly covered the brief and much more besides; a mine of information. Thank you again for organising it.
Kind regards,

Please pass my thanks on to Andre for the winelands tour earlier in November. They had an incredible day and considering that they were in the Okavango Delta for 4 days and stayed in Zambia after that, the fact that the favourite day of their trip was with Andre was quite an achievement!

Dear Pietman,
We are sitting in the sun....at the airport! Sadly awaiting our return journey as our time in South Africa has been amazing in SO many ways!!
We cannot thank you enough for the past two days showing and sharing something of this very beautiful and special country. It's lovely for me to see André so taken with somewhere new. I personally have loved how you patiently and enthusiastically explained things and never came across as guarded or defensive, and were willing to share difficult feelings and some thoughts about the past. It seemed rude in a way, to have curiosity of a difficult and very dark time in this countries history, some may think, and yet for me, it was only out of genuine interest to know how it was. We can hopefully learn not to repeat history by becoming aware and knowledgeable.
You have REALLY enriched our time here in Cape Town, and for that I am VERY grateful. Also for treating us all to that wonderful lunch in that incredible setting.
I was very excited to see a cloudless Table Mountain this morning!!!!! Only to discover it was closed because of the wind! But Andre and I enjoyed a lovely stroll through the waterfront area in the beautiful sunshine and walked to the Slave Lodge. Very sad, but interesting, especially the current exhibit about the Guardian/ New Age newspaper.
So we will HAVE to come back to go up the mountain
Many, many thanks for your time and kindness to everyone in our family.
Our very best wishes to you and Elsabe, Nicci, André, Marijke, Robin & Anna x

Hello Pietman

Thank you so much for the email and the accompanying article, and thank you again for the lovely tour on Wednesday. The sights and sounds of Western Cape, the architecture of Stellenbosch, our delightful lunch in town, the picture perfect wineries and delicious varietals, the fascinating museum at Solms Delta and the important work of Mark Solms (not to mention our new friend, the Khoi curator, whose name escapes me), and our turn through Franschhoek, but mostly your own generous sharing of life and history, including the incredible story of your own ancestor ‘Francois’ and the Huguenot arrival. None of us will soon forget our time with you on Wednesday, and while my compatriots were blissfully napping behind us, I will certainly remember your effort to get us all home again safe and sound in a driving rush hour rain. You showed all the grit of a true Voortrekker.

My greatest wish for your country is essentially Mandela’s wish that the many virtues, deep resources and far sighted humanity of this great place be fully realised in time.

If I have a chance to return, perhaps to teach, I would consider it an honor.

In the meantime
Best wishes